If you are a musician, or someone who wants to find healing through music, this Crystal Lyre is perfect for you! THE CRYSTAL LYRE™ is an exquisite lyre that produces amazing angelic tones, every note sounds beautiful and is so easy play. This luminous hand made instrument is made of transparent pure quartz crystal. It is an elegant artistic fusion of the ancient Greek lyre and high tech thermoforming, creating an unparalleled crystalline acoustical instrument. It sings with the eight notes of the C major scale, and the Lyre stays in tune regardless of the climate conditions.

The Lyre is great for beginners and professional musicians. It is a wonderful tool for meditation, toning and sound healing therapy. It creates a Doppler effect as you move it.

Product Details:
● 2 acrylic strikers designed to facilitate pure crystalline sounds
● 1 acrylic base to set it on
● 1 carrying case
● Height 21 inches (53cm)

● Weight less than 4.4 pounds

Cost $2,000.00 + Shipping

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