THE Alchemy of Light Series
Sally Page is excited to offer the Alchemy of Light series with three sound healing sessions. Each recording contains powerful frequencies of Alchemical Crystalline Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls that penetrate to the cellular level relaxing, releasing and clearing to transform your conscious inner state with energy peace.

The Alchemical Crystalline bowls are infused with precious gemstones, precious metals, and rare crystals giving them powerful healing frequencies to activate your crystalline light and bring harmony to your mind, body, and spirit through vibrational energy.

Many people experience energy shifts in their body just by playing the recordings. You can focus these frequencies on your body by holding small speakers where it feels good to you. These powerful sounds and vibrations will take you into deep states of expanded consciousness. DO NOT play these recordings while you drive!

Clear Energy (Alchemy of Light I) $20
This session offers vibrations of light transmitted within sound that transmutes and transforms dark energy into light. The sounds will align lower frequencies of dark or heavy energy/entities by bringing them into harmony with higher frequencies of light. This will shift the energies into states of balance and harmony within your body and environmental space.

Crystalline Light (Alchemy of Light II) $20
This session offers Vibrations of light transmitted within sound that soothes and opens you to a state of altered consciousness. These peaceful sounds calm your mind, body, and nervous system bringing relaxation that allows crystalline light to ignite greater alignment with Divine Light.

Divine Love (Alchemy of Light III) $20
This session offers Vibrations of Divine love transmitted within sounds that create a profound shift deep in your heart to experience Divine Love; a comforting feeling like being rocked in loving arms. With each listening, you open to a deeper experience and alignment with Divine Love.

Alchemy of Light series (Includes all 3 in the series) $60

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